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Real estate auctions are the fastest-growing method of real estate sales in the United States.
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Our sister company, Rocky Mountain Estate Brokers Realty LLC, is a professional real estate auction company conducting successful real estate auctions and accelerated private treaty sales throughout Colorado and Wyoming. We solve your problems with our turnkey services making things easy for you. RMEB Realty’s staff has over 85 years of combined auction and marketing experience. We have the knowledge to help you decide if an auction or accelerated marketing campaign is correct for you and your property. Each property is unique. Every owner has different needs and desires. Our use of live and online public auctions, accelerated conventional listings, and sealed-bid auctions allow you to pick the date of sale and the marketing plan that satisfies your needs. It also allows you to pick the plan that maximizes the value of your property. RMEB has the expertise to market your property to the largest pool of potential buyers and sell it on the date you choose. You and your property deserve individual attention and a personalized sale and marketing plan.


Many owners of real estate do not have months or years to wait for a property to sell. You may face the need or desire to relocate, need to settle an estate or divorce, change your business, or raise immediate cash. You may own a unique property that is hard to appraise and want to maximize its value using competitive bidding. You may own a large tract of land that will benefit from the multi-parcel method of sale. Our toolbox includes tools we use to successfully satisfy all these needs. RMEB generates the maximum interest in your property and gets it sold for true market value on the date you choose.

RMEB’s unique marketing campaigns bring the market to you in a timely fashion. Our accelerated marketing campaigns make your property stand out from others. We bring qualified potential buyers to your property. Our creative marketing plans target a wide audience and create demand for your property. Having many ready, willing, and able buyers for your property increases its market value.

Public auctions are the choice of many smart individuals who desire true market value for their property in a short time. Our Auctions allow you, the Seller, to pick the date you will sell your property. They also allow you to set the terms under which you want to sell your property. When you choose the terms of the contract, you can forget about sorting out differing offers and dealing with numerous buyer contingencies. Our real estate auctions create a fair and level playing field for all potential buyers. This gives them the confidence to place their best bid on auction day.


We believe in being the best we can at what we do. Three of our auctioneers are graduates of the Certified Auctioneers Institute. Our entire staff stays on the cutting edge of the auction profession by attending state, regional and national educational seminars. Lead auctioneer David P. Whitley is an author of and an instructor for the National Auctioneers Association’s Certified Estate Specialist designation course. RMEB is the online auction leader in the Rocky Mountain region. We are constantly on the lookout for new, cost-effective ways to market your property and maximize your return in a timely manner.


We have specialized for years in the painless settlement of estates. We find that most people faced with settling an estate are overwhelmed by the many tasks they must accomplish. RMEB has developed a complete menu of services for people in this situation. Estate property can include real estate, vehicles, antiques, fine art, coin collections, firearms, jewelry, and even Tupperware. We have experience with all of it and have successfully liquidated hundreds of estates over the years. Many of our clients turn the entire estate over to us to value, disburse and liquidate.

RMEB maximizes the value of the estate while limiting the time and expense of those tasked with settling it. Through our sister company, Rocky Mountain Estate Brokers Inc., we handle all aspects of the personal property liquidation and appraisal. Most people prefer having one company to deal with; one point of contact, one company they know is going to complete all the tasks on time. RMEB has the experience, people, facilities, and equipment to handle any need that may arise. We are problem solvers.

Thank you for taking some time to learn about RMEB Realty LLC. We hope we have answered some questions about how we can help you solve your problems. Please contact us at any of the telephone numbers listed below or through our contact from below. We look forward to talking to you and developing a plan to meet your needs and timeline.