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Over 30 years in the auction, estate sale and liquidation business have taught us a lot. We started as live auctioneers. Lead Auctioneer David P. Whitley is a Colorado & Wyoming State Champion Auctioneer. Live auctions are still an important part of our business. We embraced technology early and were one of the first auction companies in the world to implement live internet bidding at our live auctions. Today, online auctions make up most of the auctions we conduct. Nevertheless, we still understand what makes an auction the powerful marketing and sales tool it is.

Something brought you here today. You may be looking to sell real estate, personal property or business assets. You might be the Personal Representative of an estate that needs settled. Maybe you want to downsize to a smaller place or just travel and see the world. Did your boss say, “That building needs to be empty yesterday?” We help you solve your problems.

Most people who come here are trying to deal with a problem. Your questions and concerns matter to us. We solve problems like yours every day. Hiring one company that can sell the real estate and the contents allows you to have more control over the total process and simplifies your life. Our people and our marketplace allow you to maximize the value of your items while saving you time and trouble. We help you sell your property, for true market value, on your timeline. Whether it is an online auction, a fixed price sale or a complete buyout, we are here to meet your needs.

We know people like you, who contact us, often feel overwhelmed. They need help. We have structured our business with knowledgeable, caring people who have the experience and processes to help you. Our online auctions create a proven regional marketplace that has worldwide reach for real estate, vehicles, business property, estate items, collections and more.

We have helped thousands of people successfully deal with similar problems. We realize that every client we help has a unique set of circumstances. You need and deserve a customized plan tailored to your wants, your needs, and your hoped-for outcomes. We have built our business to be the number one choice for you. We help you solve your problems.

While each set of circumstances is different here are several broad categories of projects we have dealt with. We can help you too.

Estate Sales and Online Estate Auctions

Business and Commercial Liquidations

Real Estate Auctions and Conventional Sales

Farm and Ranch Auctions

Construction Equipment and Fleet Liquidations

Oil Exploration and Service Equipment Liquidations

Medical, Dental and Hospital Equipment and Furnishing Liquidations

Restaurant Equipment Liquidation Auctions

Research, Development and Manufacturing Facility Decommissioning and Liquidations

Liquidation of Firearm, Coin, Toy, Art & Other Collections

Consignment of 1-10,000 items.

Hoarder (Over-Stuffed) Properties

Total Cleanouts of Office and Commercial Buildings, Warehouses and Homes

Rural Property Clean Up.

Every client has different needs and requirements. We listen to your needs and formulate plans and processes to meet them. Often, timing is a major issue. We have completed projects on extremely tight schedules. We are in the auction business, but understand that sometimes an auction is not the best choice for every project. We also employ fixed price sales, privately negotiated sales, sealed bid auctions, and cash buyouts. Every problem has a solution. We work to help you find the best solution for you. Contact us today at 970-454-1010 for a confidential, no-obligation consultation. We look forward to helping you solve your problems so you can move on with your life.